The keening gate

Posted by Ariah on 19th November 2016 in Articles

There is a gate that we all must pass through at a certain point along the road.

I don’t know quite how to describe it..
It’s a gate of disillusionment, although not of cynicism
It’s to do with perception, and illusion, and what is,
And heart break and desolation.

For those who have been walked along a path of unbridled optimism and light and joy, and of what Debbie Ford would call ‘”Chasing the Light”, then passing through this gate can be harrowing.

Without passing through the gate, it can be difficult to see, let alone face up to, the reality of what is loosely called ‘negativity’ in our circles.

Without, we find it too distressing to see or know the suffering of the world, or the suffering of others, or our own.
It isn’t on our radar; we don’t or can’t or won’t see it.
It leads people to say “All humans are doing their best”
Which is true,
But it leads them to neglect the second half of that sentence, which goes something like “and that may still mean unconsciousness and cruelty for and from many people”

When it then comes to mediumship and channelling and other perceptions of spirit,
The same selective filtering applies,
And people say things like “I have been told: there is only love and light in spirit” and “No harm can come to us so long as we have a good intention”

My friends, if I may be so bold – it isn’t true. It’s not a lie, because it’s believed in earnest, but it also isn’t exactly an innocent mistake, because the place that that belief comes from is the place of partial blindness, of selective seeing, and also of wishful thinking and hoping.

There’s a part of us – similar to a conscience – that I call the truth sense. We all have it. It tells us when there is something off or awry, if underneath a reasonable or pleasant veneer there is something worthy of caution or alarm, or very different to how its couched.

When we turn away from the gateway of disillusionment and knowledge of pain and suffering (and I daresay, knowledge of evil, although perhaps as an abstract concept or relative thing rather than in a moralistic sense) and walk ourselves along a road that, for all its shining blazing glory, and heartswelling sweetness, and if we are walking ourselves along that road in such a way as to turn away from the gateway of harrowing and keening,
Then it is also, in spite of all its beauty and gifts, also a road of denial.

From that denial comes distortions, pretences, and untruths
such as we see in very great amounts when it comes to spirituality
Or ideology
That has us turn away from suffering
And pain
And even death, and ends, and destruction.

Counter-intuitive though it is, perhaps its true that death and suffering and ‘negativity’ (in all its doleful aspects) is part of life.

Perhaps in turning from it and that, we are turning fundamentally from life itself,

Because after all, we don’t get to pick and choose. We can resist, or we can join in for the ride.

I say buckle up.