Spiritual detoxing – unhelpful directions in spirituality

Posted by Ariah on 12th July 2016 in Uncategorised

There’s been a lot of talk lately – in conscious circles, and elsewhere – of the darkness in politics, of hidden (and very entirely selfish) agendas that are detrimental to the general populace and our economic and political development.

All of which is quite likely, partially (or even largely) true. (and true of much in high politics and business)

With this topic active, I’d like to say a little something about agendas with relation to the new age and consciousness movements.

It’s long been my observation that much of what’s present in the new age/self help/modern spiritual teachings, is counter-productive to both individual evolution and the advancement of our species.

… That’s putting it lightly.

All paths lead to Rome, and there are as many spiritual paths as there are people. There’s nothing wrong with a meandering path, or one that loops back on itself, takes the scenic route.

But it’s my perception and guidance that, in addition to spiritual forces that help clarify and support spiritual evolution and the uplifting of consciousness, there are forces that do the opposite: that hinder and misdirect.

At the very least, we have huge swathes of new age scene which has arisen out of human wounding and limited beliefs, and as such, is part of and reflects the problem, rather than the solution/healing/evolution.

What also may be true is parts of new age teachings that have arisen out of the intention to obfuscate and hinder.

In the human world, that means famous spiritual teachers, and teachings, that have been promoted – teachings that, in essence, make us compliant. By turning our attention wholly inward and believing that to be the uiverse, and not seeking to make any changes in the world, or to right any injustices etc. In this way, chunks of the populace are immobilised, and resistance to ‘bad activities’ is reduced.

As a philosophy, that means solipsism – believing only you and yourself and your own thoughts to be real. There’s so much solipsism in modern spiritual understandings. Well, it’s a misunderstanding. It’s true that to affect change in our lives we need to work with our own mind and being, but it’s also true that when we die, and if all humans were to die, the physical world and universe would continue. It’s a paradox that the whole universe is within us, AND outside of us too. But it’s the external universe that’s the shared one. (although the deeper layers of the internal universe are also share. It’s complicated ;-) )

There’s also a large amount of what’s called spiritual bypassing, which is to aim for a higher plane of consciousness, rather than being with ‘what is’ in terms of regular human stuff like pain, discomfort, difficulty. Or even just plain emotion.

There’s been a change in consciousness around the importance of inner work in the last few years, but the trend towards avoidance of inner process remains, in favour of ‘ascension’.

I offer this invitation, and challenge.

Allow yourself a diet, a cleanse of the mind and soul.

For a time (be it an hour, to dip your toe in.. Or some weeks or months, you’ll know what’s right for you), allow your spirituality to unravel.

Put down the angel cards, stow the ascension pyramid, put away the reiki candles;

Allow your vibration to descend, your feelings to become murky, your thoughts to dwell on the mundane;

Let your merkabah and chakra spinnings slow down (or maybe even fall away);

Take a sabbatical from communicating with angels and guides and beings; rest from being psychic, from giving healings;

(and in particular, from the identity of being a psychic or a healer, or a spiritual person – let such ideas and identities dissolve. I pinky promise that allowing that won’t impact your abilities.)

See how much of yourself you can burn, in the inner house of your spirituality; how much desolation you can tolerate, how much nakedness you can reveal.

What will be revealed is your humanity; your heart and feelings; your connection to nature and life.

These are the true gems, the deepest foundation of life and being; the things that spirituality *ought* to help reveal, but all too often, obscures.

So let die (some people say let go, and for sure there’s also a letting go, but perhaps death is appropriate when it comes to identity) identities that constrain your magnificence. Labels like indigo, crystal, star seed, empath, healer, psychic, spiritual, conscious, high vibrational – that isn’t who you are. Those are terms we use to make ourselves feel better than, or different than. They’re often helpful at times, but surely not all time, and less as we advance. There comes a time when we must learn to be comfortable without such egoic clothing.

And let go of your spiritual goals. Ascension, the raising of your vibration, transformation, awakening, healing, inner development.. They are all noble goals, ranging from lofty to gritty, and are also necessary and an intrinsic part of human living; but inherent in our way of doing those things, and practicing our path, there are also the ways in which we are losing and forgetting that most basic foundation of our being, our inter-connectedness and simplicity, our humanity with heart and feeling.

This is what I invite – to sit in the ashes of your spiritual identity. To let go of knowledge, wisdom, intuition, powers and abilities. To be simply human, and then after that, to simply be.