Psychic development vs personal development

Posted by Ariah on 18th November 2016 in Articles

Many people have awakened psychic abilities (of course we all have abilities, but for some, they’re strong enough to be overtly psychic as visions and messages etc, rather than appearing more mildly as hunches and feelings).

Others of us have to work to open and develop them to have them consciously integrated with us.

All sensory ability (including the physical senses) are wondrous gifts through which we experience life and the world.

Psychic ability however – especially in its overt aspects – needs to be mixed with inner work, for it to be used well.

As we know, not everyone has a bent towards inner work.
That applies to people with psychic ability as much as anyone.

Let me give a metaphor for what I consider to be the best ratio of inner work to psychic development:

There are two cups, one is filled with clear water, the other is filled with ink.

The water represents inner development (clarity and clearness). The ink represents psychic development (content and knowledge).

If you put a few drops of clear water into the ink – nothing happens.

If you put a few drops of ink into the clear water – ahh! Patterns and forms emerge. Swirling and whisping.

These are the useful knowings: that take place amidst the lake of our self-awareness.

Disconnected awareness is unintegrated awareness; it may give interesting information, but is not the most useful or helpful source.

This is what I have put into practice on my path: the dedication has been my own inner healing, growth, development, transformation, awakening.

Psychic development has been only the most fleeting consideration, if at all.

It’s been this way since I learned a lesson the hard way, by burning out and becoming food for the hungry ones, when I was a teenager obsessed with increasing his own psychic powers.

Even if psychic development IS your highest goal at the moment, please consider that attending to your inner development is still the best route to it.