Looking beneath the surface, and seeing the lower astral

Posted by Ariah on 21st October 2016 in Articles Astral Healing
 (Revealing what is hidden)
As a young boy, I not infrequently saw visions of swarms of small beings that were like insects that were close by, and wanted to be close to me (or maybe feed on me). Unable to turn off my mindscreen, my hypnotherapist mother would sometimes use hypnosis to try to calm me so I could fall asleep. And if that didn’t work, to ‘fight fire with fire’ by fighting back in my imagination. My imaginative defensive efforts were always ineffective.
The night my grandpa died, I kicked against the bedclothes and screamed for a long long time, tormented with images of insects and vile things overwhelming me. It was unusually harrowing. (I didn’t know that my grandpa was dying at the time)
That was the last night I saw dark visions.
I forgot about this for many years, until relatively recently, when my astral vision awakened. And looking back, I believe that I was seeing the ‘lower astral’, and parasitic entities. This makes sense because when my spirituality first awakened as a teenager, I had a big problem with entities and entity attachments, from middle astral mosquitos to some quite nasty lower astral beings. It got to the point where my health, daily mood and friendships were suffering, and I needed lots of heavy help to get clear. I was warned off magick, psychic practice and other spiritual activities until I could learn how to do such things healthily.
I believe that my psychic vision closed on that horrible nigh my grandpa died; a part of me shut it down.
I used to be embarassed that I wasn’t psychic as a child (I know it’s silly, but there’s lots of pressure to be an indigo or crystal child! :P )
But remembering back, one of my favourite things to do as a young boy was to climb in bed with my parents at night, and let my gaze unfocus, and to watch the swirling patterns of colour that unfolded across my vision and danced in the dark.
And, there were the visions of dark beings.
(not people-like beings, insect like beings. I’d classify them now as astral parasites)
This is what my personal history is and was, and is what gives me pause when people deny the existence of negativity in the non-physical spheres.
This is also perhaps what informs my perception of lots of the famous channellers and teachers in the new age scene.
Some short stories…
I’m at the Mind-Body-Spirit festival for the first time in many years. I’m flush with keenness and confidence and arrogance from having just graduated from the Barbara Brennan school, so am seeing as much as I can see psychically. I observe a stall which sells sacred geometry devices. They’re demo-ing to a man; he has a copper pyramid on his head (and each point of the pyramid has a merkabah coming out of it). In each of his hands he’s holding a wand with advanced geoemtric structures at each end of the wand. The wands have an electric current being passed through them. To gild the lily, he’s given binaural beats to listen to.
I observe his crown chakra swelling, widening, and eventually tearing. With all the stimulation the man is feeling energetic sensations, he’s very impressed. I sense beings start to feed on the energy that’s now leaking out from his crown. The metaphorical image I got for all of the tools combined (but especially the pyramid hat) is of a speculum being cranked too far, until it’s ripping. Ouch indeed.
I’m walking down the sex shop version of Diagon Alley in Soho, when I see an imp in the shadows by one of the sex shops. I’m surprised to see it. I realise later that it was an Incubus. I’m secretly delighted that my astral sight is opening.
I’m closing a session with my second ever paying client. It’s the 6th of the 6 sessions he originally booked. He is a troubled and possibly disturbed person. As he gets up from the healing table, I see in his thoracic cavity a large skull with a morass of dark oily tentacles coming out from it. The image came on very suddenly, and my instant instinct is of respect, of “I’m going to leave that well alone”. I know that if he has more sessions, that I’ll give that being lots of space and not try to remove it, because it’s more than I can handle.
He later starts sending abusive messages to me, and I end up blocking him from contacting me.
I’m browsing facebook, and see a selfy-photo posted by a teacher from their astral projection workshop. I know that they’re a very knowledgeable teacher, but I’m also wary, because of their gung-ho attitude to what they teach (the kind of attitude that when applied to physical exercises would lead to injuries). I see the photo, and instinctively recoil; I see and can sense viscerally that their auric field is swarming with astral parasites.
I’m reminded of what it’s like when you part the hair of a child, and find lots of nits and eggs.
I go to my psychic friend, and say “What do you think of this picture?”. They literally shudder, and tell me they see nasty-ass energy. They clarify that the person/teacher is not evil or bad, but that their energy is contaminated in a very severe way.
And now to channelling.
I’m investigating a popular teacher/channel. Popular doesn’t do them justice; they are beloved.
Like David Duchovny, I want to believe.
I’m dissapointed when instead of the pure source being that’s alleged, I see a ‘middle’ astral being. That means a sentient non-physical being that is by no means demonic or nasty, but neither is it enlightened; it’s like a human consciousness that has mixed intentions and its own agenda.
I see that it is fed by the adoration and attention of the people listening to and attending to the teachings and messages and channellings.
My guides (or is it guidance? My higher astral vision still hasn’t much awoken :P ) explains to me that this is a common phenomena, for middle astral beings to impersonate guides and helpers. I’m given the understanding that as well as ‘authentic’ guides who help individuals and humanity to evolve, there are beings who have a self-interested wish for us not to do so, because they feed from our anger and fear and dissociation and leaked energy. That there’s a powerful presence of what my guidance calls “counter-evolutionary” forces and beings. It isn’t so much a war as a cosmic dance between two different directions or forces. And the interplay between the two is held by a bigger, wider or deeper presence and reality and basis, in which both sides are seen as different expressions of the same one thing.
(good and evil isn’t the right understanding, it’s more like evolutionary/counter-evolutionary, or even movement/stillness, or forwards/sameness)
It’s explained to me that counter-evolutionary forces are just as present in spiritual teachings and circles as anywhere, and that counter-evolutionary spiritual teachings are a mixture of ‘wisdom’ with misdirection. The aim is for people to be satisfied without being challenged; for their curiosity to be fed without the flame of their alchemical transformation being stoked. For the ‘spiritual teachings’ to be interesting, but hollow (at times – at other times there are some morcels of the good stuff thrown in, enough to trigger the ‘truth sense’ that we have, to endear trust).
Some people *REALLY* like this teacher/channel.
Looking at another popular teacher/channel.. This one is more unusual, something of an oddity even amongst the odd. The energy that comes through the channel is also very unusual.
I find the energy very jarring, like nails on a blackboard. I’m not alone in that reaction.
The material is similar to the other channel – a mixture of a sprinkling of good truth with lots of ‘filler’ that feels like psychic static.
The static is unthreatening and quite exciting. It would be classified as ‘high vibrational’ in most new age circles. It is empty calories.
The entity being channeled is, in my perception, also a middle astral feeder, not the benevolent awakened being that it claims.
I feel like the new age Grinch.
But this is what I see, what I’m told.
I see also – in quantities unfathomable and orders of magnitute greater – the hand of grace and love and universal loving consciousness in all things; the constant unfolding of existance as a fractal emanation of what we call God; of the infinite and infinitely deep love and light and divine-darkness that we come from, and return to, and that creates all realities.
I see it when I close my eyes, and when with eyes open my vision unfocuses slightly so that my attention is no longer fixed on the spot of physical focus, and my attention goes instead to that which is unseen.
I see and feel and live that constantly. I know it, it’s real.
And I see from time to time, and am told from time to time, the ways and effects of that unfolding happening which are, from a dualistic human perspective, ‘negative’ or undesirable or unhelpful. Letting go of the human perspective, I know that it’s not so; they just are as they are, and they are true to their own nature, which is an evolving and changing nature. We all exist and co-exist and consume and feed off and grow with and lean on and help and co-operate with and fight and compete with and harm and support and recognise and ignore everything that’s in our sphere of awareness, and everything that isn’t.