Lessons from Gandalf on visualisation and protection

Posted by Ariah on 10th July 2016 in Uncategorised

I love how fantasy often taps into spiritual truth.

This scene reminds me of what I think of as the fallacy of ‘spiritual thinking’ – the idea that by thinking about something briefly, that you’re causing it to happen spiritually. People do this a lot when it comes to clearing stuck energy, balancing chakras, grounding, and so on. The reality is that ‘thinking’ in the way that we normally do it is like a brain fart, and that focus and concentration and visualisation and so on can have a part (a big part!) in creating and manifesting and changing on the spiritual planes, but that’s not the same thing as just briefly thinking “This crystal is now cleansed!” or what have you.

Especially when it concerns emotional consciousness – something other than blowing the energetic dust and cobwebs out – more is needed than a fleeting thought.

Here Gandalf demonstrates both the the effectiveness of ‘a thought’ vs actually getting in the trenches and doing the clearing work!


And Gandalf has something to teach us on light and darkness and protection, too..!

If you do ‘protection’ from a ready-for-a-fight dualistic viewpoint of light vs dark, good vs evil, if you make it into a battle, it stands to reason that it’s a battle you can loose..!
Non-dual protection (which is about healthy, positive boundaries based in healthy psychological, egoic and spiritual functioning) is where it’s at. Think membranes, walls and barriers in nature: skin, cell membranes.. The body’s natural immune system.. Animals that have armour and quills (and teeth and claws!) etc..


Thankyou Gandalf!!