With one foot in the land of the dead

Posted by Ariah on 16th November 2016 in Ancestral Healing Poetry

Tonight I offered libations Of Elderberry wine And lit a beeswax candle On the altar of my ancestors and Amma, and Kali Ma. I touched my grandparents’ mezzuzah on my father’s side And felt them, paternal ancestors Warm and living, And dead, And living in eternity And now. They seemed to glow, to be part

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A love letter to starseeds

Posted by Ariah on 7th April 2016 in Poetry

  A love letter to starseeds Beloved beings, gentle journeyers, sensitive souls, Who feel at home in the heavens, but not yet on earth; Rest assured, your celestial origins – No matter the cosmic path you took to get here – Do not exclude you from humanity, Or from belonging on earth. Your star-heritage does

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