An invocation to shame

Posted by Ariah on 6th August 2017 in Uncategorised

May the spirits and Gods of healthy shame
Rise in our name

May we know that our actions ripple with consequence
And that we connect to all, and are connected with all
May we know when our actions harm others, by accident or by design

May we feel shame when that happens.

May our communities be strong, healthy, and whole
May they include and welcome and tolerate much
May they be healthy enough and kind enough
Not to tolerate that which would harm

May that be shamed, when it happens.

And lastly:

May we expel false shame, and misused shame,
And shame that has been used to abuse innocent people;
May we all heal from having been shamed for being our natural and innocent selves
May we heal from the wound and burden of false shame,
and learn the difference between false shame and true:
One heals and connects, the other harms and disconnects.

There is no shame in shame.