After care

Posted by Ariah on 14th July 2016 in Uncategorised

A short article about what to do following a workshop or private session.

A workshop, session, ceremony or spiritual/healing activity is an event, a moment in time. It happens, and then it’s over, and we return to our lives. But ripples (and maybe waves) ensue, and our normal patterns are disrupted. In the time of a few hours or days before normality reasserts itself is a golden opportunity to metaphorically re-set the bones of our being, and to nourish ourselves at a deep level.

Here are some ways to help that happen.

  • Firstly: avoid negativity. Don’t read newspapers, watch the news, or even read facebook feeds. Avoid confrontations and negative people. And don’t watch or read about violence or other disturbing things.
    I’m not normally in favour of insulating oneself from the realities of the world, and I’d normally deeply question the problematic labelling of people and feelings and so on as negative, but that’s something for later. For now, choose that which is nourishing and comforting and supportive. Challenges and ‘opportunities for growth’ can come later.
  • Clear your aura: with sea or rock salt baths, spritzing yourself with cleansing aromatherapy/essence sprays, smudging with sage or resin incense, spending time in nature, using sound. Don’t rely on mental imaginations for this self-cleansing. You’re clearing out the gunk of the day, and your life, and the world – it takes more than a brief flicker on the scrolling news ticker of your thinking mind to unburden yourself energetically, or to shift things internally.
  • Treat yourself excellently: stay hydrated, eat well, luxuriate in lovely baths and showers, read for pleasure, cuddle up with blankets and pillows and stuffed animals, and go to bed early and/or sleep in.. This is a time to step up your self-care game, and to bask in and receive your own care and love for yourself.
  • Spend time in nature: long walks, lying downs, inhalations of greenery.. If you have access to it, go to it. Now is an opportunity to connect more of your regular human consciousness with the natural world that you’re part of.
  • Rest: take whatever time you can to let your body, mind and spirit unwind and rest. If possible, avoid pushing yourself or heavy exertion. Gentle and/or mindful exercise is wonderful, but just for now, consider prioritising your body’s resting.
  • Commune with your inner world: journal, write poems, write anything. Draw, sketch, scribble, paint. Dance, move, pretend you’re a tree, unleash your inner interpretive dancer! Give yourself the time you need to experience and swim in the waters of your own being. This is really what it’s all about – no angels, no animal guides, no transmissions.. Just feeling your feelings, and letting them express as they want to.

You may also want to consider having regular (or semi regular) body work, to help release trauma from your physical body and to help ground more life force into your body, and/or psychotherapy, to help you emotionally and psychologically transform and grow. Healing can help also, and is complementary to all of these things.