This wee school is part campfire, part temple, part greenhouse. Listing the things we do together (dance, movement, shamanic journeys, energy work, sound baths, sharing, ceremony, talks, experientials etc) doesn’t say much about what actually happens at workshops and gatherings. So I’ll try to describe more what happens, what we do.

If any of this strikes a chord with you, you are very welcome here.

Forming the circle

Let’s build a campfire close to the edge of our comfort. There we will dance, and laugh, and speak, and listen. By learning to live at the intersection of the safe and the unfamiliar, we practice and learn the art of wholeness. In this way, we welcome and include what of ourselves is so often excluded. Frustration, anger, sorrow, regret, despair, desolation, disquiet, fear, and more; all of these and much more are welcome. In this practice, we discover that not only are these feelings not our enemies or something to be guarded against, but are in fact part of life, and necessary for our wholeness and deeper wellbeing. Not as permanent states, but as guests at the banquet of our life.

Feathering the nest

Let’s create safety and comfort, so that we can dwell within ourselves and receive and welcome all parts and feelings – and more than that, all life – that shows up  for us. If the juxtaposition of creating comfort with moving away from it seems like a jarring paradox, let any unsettledness or confusion be part of what you welcome. We will practice gentleness and self-love to make space for ever more of our own spirit to dwell in our body.

The lotus roots

Let’s incarnate and ground, come into our body, grow our roots. So much of modern day spirituality (both in traditional religion, and in the new age) is disembodying, disempowering, and distorted. I take the view that for many spiritual seekers, the ‘lotus flower’ of their being is already in bloom, and to dedicate their spiritual practice to further opening or centering on it is to gild the lily. As an alternative, I welcome the exploration of earth-and-body-based spirituality, the uncovering of incarnated and incarnating spirituality. Including not only spirit and the formless, but also matter and form, and coming into the understanding that they truly aren’t separate.

Our tools

The tools of the trade, what we use and work with:

We draw on animistic earth based spirituality, which understands everything as alive and of-spirit, and honours the life and consciousness of all. Part of that is shamanic practice, which includes moving into lightly altered states of consciousness for journeying, soul retrieval, and other healing processes. Through this philosophy and practice, we can reconcile ourselves with the greater presences and streams of life: our own body, the earth, nature, the physical world and universe, nature spirits, our ancestors, the spirit of the land, and more; and we can heal deep woundings that aren’t easily accessible amenable with other approaches.

We incorporate energy healing and energy work, as a way of sensing, understanding and working with our own and others’ patterns. Patterns of thinking, feeling, doing, relating, believing, intending, etc – all that and more is present within our energy field and energetic anatomy and in other non-physical dimensions. Learning and practising energy healing is a way of stepping out of the constraints of limited linear thinking, describing and understanding our inner world and outer reality, to give us a broader and deeper view, a different way of exploring ‘what is’, and supporting ourselves and others in that.

We use ceremony and ritual to consciously include and bring ourselves into a state of deeper surrender to the divine presence that is always there, and always supporting us. We do ceremony to avail ourselves of the help and healing that in truth is always there, but that which we don’t always let ourselves feel. We remind ourselves of this because our society is agnostic and secular, and it’s easy to forget our nature.

We dance and move, to celebrate ourselves and our life and our bodies. To bring life to our lives, to breathe energy into our being, to invigorate that which has been gathering dust for a long time. We practice physical grounding exercises to raise energy and charge our batteries and physical body, to slowly change any patterns of under or over chargedness we have, and to gather energy for our healing journeys.

We practice non-duality, with the understand that that includes duality too – we don’t aim to turn away from duality, but to welcome and include it. All conflict, paradox, contradiction, warring, etc is welcome, and part of the greater whole.

We include body-centered psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology and developmental psychology as ways of understanding our human nature, and what we can do to support ourselves and other people on our journeys of healing and awakening and deepening of self.

We use vibrational remedies, essential oils and resin incenses to draw on nature. From ‘frankincense smoke baths’ to making spray bottle potions of essences and oils for particular purposes (for example, to support personal energetic boundaries, or to clear old energies that have been released). Especially for city or town dwellers, it’s very important to make a practice our of being nourished and supported by nature. This is one way of doing that in an indoors workshop setting!

You can read more about the spiritual qualities of Earth Medicine here.

About me

Hello everyone. Most of my healing journey has been about feeling comfortable being in my body and on the earth. I’ve struggled big time with being sensitive, psychically open, angry at humanity, scared of being alive, and wishing I was a spirit again (not the same as being suicidal, more like a homesickness). My experience of much of the new age scene has been that it focuses on increasing and further opening psychic sensitivity and spiritual abilities, rather than teaching how to integrate those gifts. My wish with this work is to share a way of practicing healing and spirituality which honours all of our being, not just the desirable and acceptable bits!

I’ve been very lucky to have had some wonderful teachers and trainings – most notable with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Patricia White Buffalo on her shamanic practitioner training, and at the workshops of Shavasti, Jan Janssen, Core Energetics – that supported me in learning how to deeply ground (because when your grounding sucks, imagining tree roots doesn’t cut it!), and to focus on my inner self, on my healing, transformation and awakening. It’s my pleasure and privilege to share what has come to me on my journey of grounding, incarnating, embodying and healing, and part of the spiritual intelligence of what has helped me on my own path is a wish for this melting pot of influences, practices, and philosophies (that all together, calls itself ‘Earth Medicine’ to be shared with like-minded folk.