A blasphemy, a provocation

Posted by Ariah on 5th September 2016 in Uncategorised

Causal planes, high vibrational states
Ascended realms, sacred geometric forms
That birth this world, and your perception


It’s where we’re told to put our attention,
But I’m not so sure that the new age culture
That’s but a slight variation of the Abrahamic dualism
Has it quite right.

You see, where you put your minds eye
The lens of awareness, the aperture of your soul’s exploration in this moment
Does indeed affect your experience, both what you see and what you relate with..
And what builds up for you, inside, and externally in life.

But what are we seeing with our mind’s eye, when we choose to see causal planes, high vibrational states, ascended realms, sacred geometry..?

Here’s a blasphemy, a provocation, a shit stirring
(that may or may not be true)
We’re seeing projections, emanations. Not of the divine, but of our own mind, our images and ideas of what “spiritual” things look like
We immerse ourselves in our own creations, and frankly get lost in escapist ruminations
Rather than face ourselves.

There’s another doorway in, another way of accessing these states
And seeing those things.

It’s the door that leads within.

Turn your mind’s eye inward, and see what you see.

Pulsate with your organs, and luxuriate with your feelings, and revel in your hidden thoughts and sensations and shames and angers and feelings and prides and judgements..

Open the inner chamber of Self.. Open the fucker right up.

Once you become acclimatised to the visceral ‘realness’ of your you-ness,
And are over the shock and embarrassment of the mess, and vulnerability, and inconvenient and shameful (which only means, that it and/or you were shamed) feelings, then – what jubilation! – humanity is restored.

Humanity is real. Sacred spheres are images.

THROUGH your humanity, underlying and underpinning it, is the genuine article of deep planes of causality and fractal creation incarnating us in every second and every moment (and every non-moment, too).

Going straight for the gold won’t cut it – the glittery stuff you see when tempted by pictures of ascended beings and their heavenly entourage is fools gold (false gold).

The real gold is within you.

YOU ARE GOLDEN, through and through :-)