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Forming the circle, feathering the nest, growing the lotus roots

This is a school-that-isn’t-really-a-school based in London that brings together energy healing, shamanic practice, animism and earth-centred spirituality, body-centred psychotherapy, developmental psychology, and a few other bits and pieces, to offer spaces in which to practice and learn grounding, healing, incarnating and inclusive welcoming.

A lot of what we do is quite gnarly – the energy that comes through in the Earth Medicine gatherings encourages us to look at the parts of ourselves we don’t much embrace (or even, actively disown). It says “This is ok, it’s part of you, and part of life”. It says that also of the parts of ourselves that are doing the disowning and self-hating and judging. Looking at and being with the parts of ourselves that don’t see the sun very often isn’t the easiest path, but it’s my experience that it brings about deep relief and self-acceptance, as we lovingly venture into our inner spaces and feel more of our self and feelings, and discover it isn’t so bad really. In this work, we honour our defence mechanisms and coping strategies and avoidances and withdrawals. We honour those things because they are parts of us (maybe not our deepest spiritual essence, but our human personality) and they’ve served a vital purpose in keeping us safe and sane. We practice honouring, including, welcoming and loving as much we can. And it’s ok if that isn’t everything.


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Earth & Heart Centred Healing

The etheric body is the vehicle for the mind-body link; it is the centre of psychosomatic consciousness and functioning.

Healing cycles

The healing cycles we work with are Birth Trauma, Sensitivity & Empathy, and Healthy Encaving.

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An invocation to shame

6th August 2017

The keening gate

19th November 2016